EDITION Hotels is excited to continue our creative partnership with Sedition, an art experience for the Digital Age. Sedition is a revolutionary new way to collect art by the world’s leading contemporary artists in digital format. British artist Mat Collishaw was commissioned to create an exclusive work for EDITION which is part of a curated collection of work featured in all of our guest rooms. The collection contains original works by Mat Collishaw, Universal Everything, Aaron Koblin, Brian Alfred, Ryan Whittier Hale,Wim Wenders and Doug Foster.


A Love Letter to New York 

Presented by Edition Hotels x The Usual

How do you distill a city that's everything into 16 pages of newsprint? That was the challenge we gleefully embarked on with this second issue of the EDITION, our love letter to New York.  To do this, we combed Manhattan's side streets and outer boroughs to introduce you to the incredible individuals at the heart of this pulsating metropolis.  From newcomers to those born and bred, we talked to artists, chefs, fashion insiders, nightlife impresarios, and the literati who proudly call New York home.