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  • Yoga For Bad People
  • The Usual
  • Absolut Elyx
  • Valentine NYC
  • Hendrick Kerstens
  • Le Labo
  • Jean Georges Vongerichten
  • Jason Atherton
  • Olivia Steele
  • Illesteva
  • Crystal Moselle
  • Erik Anderson
  • Chelsea Leyland
  • Jauretzi Saizarbitoria
  • Bill Powers
Yoga for Bad People at EDITION

Yoga For Bad People

EDITION partnered with wellness collective Yoga For Bad People to produce a series of in-room yoga videos.  Choose between 25 minute or 45 minute yoga sessions or a guided relaxation- on demand, and right from your hotel room.

Edition the usual

The Usual

EDITION partnered with The Usual’s Yasha Wallin and Emily Anderson to create in room publications to celebrate the hotel’s amazing collaborators and the destination’s colorful characters. The Miami Beach a New York issues were just the beginning…

Edition absolut elyx

Absolut Elyx

The copper Pineapple has become a staple among Miami cocktails. The vessel, custom-made for the Edition by Absolut Elyx, symbolizes the 1921 copper pot still used to manually distill the vodka in Sweden. The Pineapple was a natural choice: the international symbol of hospitality. New York and London have their own versions of this iconic cocktail.

Edition valentine

Valentine NYC

We love this lingerie brand out of New York City and we provide valentine undergarments in our mini bars. Just the essentials for when life takes unexpected turns.

Hendrick Kerstens

Hendrick Kerstens

Dutch born Hendrik Kerstens is known for featuring his daughter, Paula, in photographs that recall the austerity of 17th century Dutch portraiture contrasted with some more moderm whimsical elements. We feature Hendrik Kerstens work prominently in our guest rooms at The London EDITION and a large commissioned work hangs in the lobby.


Le Labo

EDITION partnered with world famous bespoke perfume atelier, Le Labo, to create the EDITION signature scent: a blended version of black tea and bergamot that invokes a sense of comfort and exoticism. The custom Le Labo bath amentities are exclusive to EDITION hotels and can be purchased at www.shopEDITION.com.

Edition jean georges vongerichten

Jean Georges Vongerichten

With a three star Michelin background and a culinary vision that has revolutionized the way we eat, Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten has created restaurant concepts that are timely and enduring. Jean-Georges offers his distinctive modern interpretation of Latin cuisine at our Miami Beach hotel’s signature restaurant, Matador Room and went on to curate the entire dining experience throughout the hotel from catering menus to the poolside bar.

Edition jason atherton

Jason Atherton

We partnered with Michelin-starred Chef Jason Atherton to create two gastronomic gems: The Clocktower at The New York EDITION and Award- winning Berners Tavern at The London EDITION. Jason has elevated modern British cuisine within our hotel restaurants, truly celebrating the pillars of the EDITION brand: with passion, authenticity and style.

Edition olivia steele

Olivia Steele

Olivia steele uses neon as her medium to create illuminating snippets of life. WE love her electric contemplative statements and have made 2 pieces part of our permanent collection at The Miami Beach EDITION. “I had Too Much to Dream Last Night” hangs just over the ice rink- for the extra encouragement to make some memories…

Edition sun glasses


We believe mini-bars in rooms should have everything you didn’t know you needed, and we are very picky about what goes inside. We have specially curated a line of Illesteva for EDITION sunglasses in many of our minibars- sleek, stylish and a little bit out of the ordinary.

Edition crystal moselle

Crystal Moselle

It has been an honor working with award winning director, Crystal Moselle to capture the energy and passion of our hotel openings through film. Her film, The Wolfpack, earned the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 2015 and her remarkable storytelling ability is evident in the way her films deliver a memory in every moment. View her films on the EDITION Youtube channel.

Edition erik anderson

Erik Anderson

The author, artist and actor has many of his enchanting illustrations featured in brother, Wes Anderson’s films such as The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou… and many more. Erik created characters and custom illustrations to breathe some whimsy into the EDITION story. From Percy the parrot in Miami to Ollie the Owl in New York, you can spot his work on some menus, coasters on our EDITION craft Beer bottles and other unexpected places- if you know where to look!

Edition chelsea leyland

Chelsea Leyland

DJ Chelsea Leyland has taken NY fashion, party and music scenes by storm. When we needed someone to curate the music at the New York EDITION, we needed someone with musical tastes as diverse as the city itself. The music she programmed into the spaces of The New York hotel ranges from hip-hop to oldies- like a soundtrack to the city.

Edition jauretsi portrait

Jauretzi Saizarbitoria

Creative entrpreneuar and DJ Jauretzi created a playlist for The Miami Beach EDITION that celebrated her Cuban-American roots as well as the latin funk and infusion from the contemporary Cuban music scene.

Edition bill powers

Bill Powers

Owner of The Half Gallery in New York and charming contributer to Bravo TV’s “Work of Art” Bill Powers curates the art programming at The Miami Beach EDITION. Thank Bill for the hand painted bowling balls by Daniel Heidkamp and Jules de Balincourt at Basement Bowl!

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